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Looking for a Florida Probate or Estate Planning Lawyer?

Whether you are a Florida resident or out of state resident, our statewide probate law firm can help you with probate and estate matters statewide in all Florida courts. We are able to handle probate cases in any of the 67 counties in Florida. So, we are able to help out of state residents probate estates for their family and loved ones who lived in Florida. In many cases the out of state parties do not need to travel to Florida at all. Again, we handle probate cases statewide.

Well, Let’s Get Started …. You probably need help in one of these areas:

Estate Probate

Estate Administration

Probate is the process for winding up the affairs of a person who is deceased. There are several levels of probate in Florida based on the size of the estate.

Probate Lawsuits

Will & Trust Contests

Interested persons have the right to contest how an estate or trust is being handled and to contest whether a deed, will or trust is valid.

Plan Your Estate

Avoid Probate

You should decide who receives your property at your death and who will to be in charge of your affairs if you become incapacitated before you die.

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The Right Legal Advice

Having an attorney who has “been there and done that” is important when you have to deal with complex probate and estate planning issues.

Answers to Your Questions

Probate and Estate Planning can be confusing. Find the answers to common questions about estates in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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